387 Names & Usernames of Popular YouTube Users to Give you Naming Ideas

One of the best ways to get ideas and inspiration for your YouTube username (or channel) is to see what the most successful users call themselves and the naming techniques they use to create their names.

Here’s a listing of 387 popular users on the video hosting site, together with an analysis of whether their username is the same as their name.

Names & Usernames of Top YouTube Users

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The Result

Out of the 387 YouTube users, 270 have exactly the same username as their personal, business or product brand name. That’s a whopping 70%!

In fact, this figure is actually higher if we include the names currently listed as being different to their usernames because they have apostrophes (ie. Simon’s Cat), periods (Strange Music Inc.), ampersands (Geek & Sundry) and other characters (/Drive) that are not allowed to be used in YouTube usernames.

So if you’re wondering what’s the best username you should choose for yourself, just follow the pros and keep things simple by making it the same as the name of your name or brand.

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