Usernames of 115 Popular Pinterest Users with a Mix of Good and Bad Naming Styles

Are you in the process of signing up for a Pinterest account and are stuck trying to decide on the perfect username? Or perhaps you’ve already registered but are thinking of changing your username?

If you’re in need of some inspiration, you should probably get lots of ideas from the collection of top Pinterest users listed below.

To help make things clearer, we’ve listed the username (in brackets) together with the user’s personal name or the business/brand so that you can see how they compare.

Names & Usernames of Popular Pinterest Users

  1. Abby Barnett (flairdesignerybranding)
  2. Airamzul Alfano (aqbixlerpackaging)
  3. Ashley Richfield (ashleyrichfieldword)
  4. Bauble Bar: (baublebar)
  5. Behance (behance)
  6. Ben Silbermann (ben)
  7. Bergdorf Goodman (bergdorfs)
  8. Bev Missing (rainqueenpackaging)
  9. Birchbox (birchbox)
  10. Blair Thompson (BlairThomsonbooks-worth-reading)
  11. Brandon Lesley (oomingmak22)
  12. Brit Morin: (brit)
  13. Buzzfeed (buzzfeed)
  14. Cabot Cheese (
  15. Carol Han (carolhan)
  16. Carolina Beiertz (carolinabeiertzgraphic-design)
  17. Caroline Waxler (cwaxler)
  18. Chad Syme (chadsymeprint-design)
  19. Charlene Koh (jakeberriesbranding-identities)
  20. Chobani (chobani)
  21. Christopher King (wingsart)
  22. Club Monaco (clubmonaco)
  23. Crosby Noricks (crosbynoricks)
  24. Daniel Abrahams (danabrahams)
  25. David Brainer-Banker (typographytypefaces)
  26. Design Milk (designmilk)
  27. Design Quixotic (helloquixotictypography)
  28. Eat. Sleep. Wear (eatsleepwear)
  29. Edition01 (edition01)
  30. Emma Farley (emslfmagazine-covers)
  31. Erin Loechner (erinloechner)
  32. Etsy (etsy)
  33. Eva Morell (evamorell)
  34. Fiorela Larrea (fiorelalapackaging-branding)
  35. Gábor Magasvári (magilogo-visual-identity-branding)
  36. Gap (gap)
  37. Glitter Guide (glitterguide)
  38. Graham Smith (imjustcreativelogo-brand-identity)
  39. Guillaume Galante (pwacticepackaging)
  40. Hazim Al Radadi (hazimalradadiidentity-print-design)
  41. HGTV (hgtv)
  42. HonestlyWTF (honestlywtf)
  43. Hrvoje Grubisic (ihrvoje)
  44. Hunterdon Art Museum (hunterdonartmus)
  45. Ideas To Steal (ideastosteal)
  46. Igor Ovsyannykov (inspirationfeedlogo-designs)
  47. Jennifer Chong (jchongdesigntype-and-lettering)
  48. Jessica Quirk (whatiwore)
  49. Jessie Tyree (jessietyreeprint)
  50. Jim McCauley (jimmccauley4ds)
  51. Joe Stone (somapixbranding)
  52. Joel Ng (jocundistampersand)
  53. John Januzzi (jannuzzi)
  54. Josephine Reijman (adonnadesigng-r-a-p-h-i-c-d-e-s-i-g-n)
  55. Joy Cho / Oh Joy! (ohjoy)
  56. Kate @ Wit + Delight (katea)
  57. Katie Evans (katieae)
  58. Kayla Meyer (kaylameyer1flyers-posters)
  59. Kendi Everyday (kendilea)
  60. Kingsley Harris (kingsleypackaging)
  61. Land’s End Canvas (landsendcanvas)
  62. Laura Bolter (laurabolterwords-of-wisdom-and-nice-type)
  63. Lauren Indvik (laurenindvik)
  64. Leah Dent (leah_dent)
  65. Life (lifephoto)
  66. Lilly Pulitizer (lillypulitzer)
  67. Lisa Fargo (fargojoelots-o-logos)
  68. Lisa Welding (lisa_welding)
  69. Lonny Magazine (lonnymag)
  70. Lucky Magazine (luckymagazine)
  71. Maia McDonald (maia_mcdonald)
  72. Manuel T. (blocklettershipsters-logos)
  73. Marketing for Breakfast (mktforbreakfastcreative-packaging-designs)
  74. Matchbook Magazine (matchbookmag)
  75. Michael Kors (michaelkors)
  76. Mike Jones (jerrythepunkratlogolicious)
  77. Newsweek (newsweek)
  78. Nick Karn (kptillustration)
  79. Niki Blaker (nikiblakertypography)
  80. Nina Garcia (ninagarcia)
  81. Nordstrom (nordstrom)
  82. NotCot (notcot)
  83. Ophelia Quixote (opheliaquixotedesign-and-packaging)
  84. Oscar PR Girl (oscarprgirl)
  85. P.S. I Made This (psimadethis)
  86. Paperfashion (paperfashion)
  87. Paula Cevasco (paula_cevasco)
  88. Pennyweight (pennyweight)
  89. Pinterest (pinterest)
  90. Real Simple (realsimple)
  91. Rebecca Williams (rebeccaaliseprint-posters)
  92. Rua Arnold (ruaarnolddesign-print)
  93. Ruche (shopruche)
  94. Rue Magazine (ruemag)
  95. Ryan Junee (rjunee)
  96. San Francisco MoMA (sfmoma)
  97. Sarah Kunst (sarahkunst)
  98. Seamless Creative (designworklife)
  99. Sean Booth (seanboothygraphic-design)
  100. Severien Van Dam (severiengraphic-design)
  101. SF Girl By Bay (sfgirlbybay)
  102. Sneh Roy (cookrepublictypography)
  103. Steve Nealy (stevenealydesign-identity)
  104. Stripes and Sequins (stripesnsequins)
  105. Style At Home (styleathome)
  106. Style Me Pretty (stylemepretty)
  107. Stylelist Home (StylelistHome)
  108. Taylor Sterling (sterlingstyle)
  109. The New York Botanical Garden (nybg)
  110. Thiago Hapner (hapnerprint-design)
  111. Time Magazine (time_magazine)
  112. Travel Channel (travelchannel)
  113. Warby Parker (warbyparker)
  114. West Elm (westelm)
  115. Whole Foods (wholefoods)


What a mixed bag!

Similar to usernaming for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any other social network, the ideal approach is to keep things simple by using your name or brand name on it’s own (ie evamorellnordstrom, travelchannel, sarahkunst, etsy, wholefoods etc).

At most, those who know what they’re doing just use an underscore to separate the words in their name (ie time_magazine, paula_cevasco and lisa_welding).

The other popular Pinterest naming strategy is to combine the user’s name together with descriptive keywords that are separated by dashes (-) to explicitly spell out what their focus is all about. Some of these are really too long though.

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